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"I’ve been going to Jennifer for facials over the years and my skin has never looked better than now. I am the type that’s always on the go, walking and running everywhere. After awhile, my ankle started to wear down on me. I feel like I overstrained/worked it a bit too much and when I mentioned this to Jennifer she suggested trying to use the electro myopulse to help heal my ankles. It miraculously worked and after awhile I was able to do my daily runs again. Also, for ten years I have been seeing an allergist trying to get my allergies in control. Ever since I’ve been getting electro myopulse I haven’t had to take medication anymore. My immune system grew stronger and I became tolerant of all of my allergies. "

- Anna Lee, Engineer

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Katherine MPphee visited us twice for our micro current treatment. She loved the results of our micro current technology.

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