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Improving overall wellness from the inside out



More than 26 years of experience using microcurrent technology

Jennifer Pham built L'Escape Spa out of her passion for healing and caring for people's health and skin. One of her goals is to empower her clients to improve their daily health habits, leading to enhanced beauty and typically a more youthful appearance.



Recharge and renew yourself

Our services utilize the Myopulse/ Acuscope technology to heal damaged tissue by increasing DNA production for facial rejuvenation, stress reduction, blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage, while improving skin texture for an instant glow. The stimulation of new cells accelerates recovery from sun damage and visibly reduces scarring, redness, dryness, and aging.

These non-surgical, painless treatments combine microcurrent, acupuncture, and acupressure, releasing endorphins to detox and recharge your body and mind. Try it for yourself to look and feel revitalized.



"My ankle started to wear down on me and when I mentioned this to Jennifer, she suggested trying the electro myopulse microcurrent to help heal. It miraculously worked and after awhile I was able to do my daily runs again. Also, for 10 years I have been seeing an allergist. Ever since I’ve been getting electro myopulse microcurrent I haven’t had to take medication anymore. My immune system grew stronger and I became tolerant of all of my allergies."

- Anna Lee, Engineer



"I work as a trauma nurse during night shifts and I often come home fatigued physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because of the night hours my circadian rhythm is off and I often have trouble regulating a normal sleep pattern. I have been seeing Jennifer for nearly a decade and in that span of time Jennifer’s Myopulse/Acuscope Microcurrent facial has not only kept me youthful but also healthy."


- Angelique Fulgencio, Trauma Nurse, UCSF


"This treatment really does have an impressive impact on strength and stamina. Have you ever tried it within hours of your run? I'm still feeling very alert, energetic and clear of thought. In fact, I just got home and now I'm doing a workout."


- Mark


"I could barely walk, could not bend over or sit for longer than 15 minutes, plus used a cane and back brace. Jennifer came to my home to treat me for a little over an hour. She was so professional and worked very hard to heal my pain. Afterwards, I was able to walk with only a dull ache in my back and without my back brace or cane. I felt so much better.

Three days later, I went to Jennifer and had a treatment and felt pain-free!"


- Patricia Cost


“I had a great experience at L'Escape Spa. I was amazed at how puffy my lower jaw line was and it was contributing to an aged look. After my first treatment, the jaw line looked firmer, the puffiness was noticeably absent and I look younger. Thank you so much.”


348 Lorton Ave 
(next to JumpstartMD)
Burlingame, CA 94010



Monday - Friday

11:00am - 7:00pm



11:00 am - 4:00pm


Walk-ins welcome!

Hours are subject to change.

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