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Intensive anti-aging serum designed to diminish the signs of aging and sun damage by accelerating DNA repair and restoring the growth factors present in healthy, young skin. Key Ingredients • Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media • Cotton Extract • Arabidopsis Thaliana Extract Key Benefits • Conditioned media contains multiple growth factors to restore youthful levels of regeneration and repair • Chaperone proteins protect the active ingredients and help them penetrate more deeply for fast, dramatic results • Cotton extract may boost skin’s repair mechanisms and encourage the elimination of DNA damage, helping to reduce inflammation and erythema and prevent premature skin aging • Arabidopsis thaliana extract contains a repair enzyme that recognizes DNA damage and initiates and accelerates the repair process to restore optimum skin health • Scientific studies have shown that dermal application of growth factors can improve skin’s texture and elasticity by rejuvenating its cell proliferation and healing process

RGN DNA Serum w/ HumanFibroblast Conditioned Media

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