If you want a natural, non-surgical way of enhancing your skin, the electro myopulse facials at LEscape Spa is the way to go.  Jennifer Pham, the owner and aesthetician of LEscape spa, uses the Electro-Acuscope myopulse technology to improve my skin and my lighten some age spot/melasma. My skin looks so much better. I don't look tired and stressed.

A year ago, I had Spectra laser treatments for the age spots/melasma.  Unfortunately, 3 months after the treatments, the spots began to appear back again.  With laser treatment, the new skin is very sensitive to sun.  While I diligently used sunscreen, it wasn't enough to stop the return of the spots. It's been 3 months and my skin looks fabulous- smoother texture, less wrinkles, significant lightening of dark under eye circles and disappearance of the majority of age spots/melasma .  

The Electro-Acuscope Myopulse machine uses biofeedback micro current electrical stimulation to speed tissue self repair and cell regeneration.  Dr. Anthony Nebrensky (who participated in the development of other electrical measurement devices such as the EKGs, EEGs, and EMGs) invented the machine in the late 1970's.  The machine doesn't do the healing.  It makes the body heal itself by stimulating your own energy supply to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area.  No drugs are needed and it's non-invasive.  It doesn't hurt. In fact, it relaxes and may put one to sleep. The repair effect is cumulative.  The technology is based on several Nobel prize winning scientific studies on the electrical properties of normal cell functions. The Electro-Acuscope Myopulse machine is also FDA approved as a "Class Two" medical device for the treatment of pain and inflammation.  Numerous sport athletes have used the procedure.

- Dr. Christine Chan

This treatment really does have an impressive impact on strength and stamina. Have you ever tried it within hours of your run? I'm still feeling very alert, energetic and clear of thought. In fact, I just got home and now I'm doing a workout

treatment update. I just did 10 sets of 30 push-ups and endless crunches. I'm just brimming with strength and stamina

My suggestion is that for everyone that works out regularly to pay attention to their diet and you will get more powerful and accelerated results. Cleaner electrode plates may not only equal less toxins in the body but likely predict stronger results. Before a treatment I recommend to eat cleaner and exercise before their next appointment and see if it yields cleaner electrode plates. The cleaner their plates become the more motivated you are to take care of yourself and the more yield towards positive results. Everyone wins!

Update** 2.5.16

Ok. This makes 3 times in a row where my post treatment strength and endurance is off the charts. Powerful technology!

- Mark

I've been a client of Jennifer's since 96 and this little lady has been taking care of my face and has always made sure that I am in good health. I got into a car accident which caused a lot of pain in my hip.  Being in my youthful 80's  as your body gets older and older it's hard to recover from major injuries. I was bed ridden for awhile and as soon as I was able to get up I gave her a ring letting her know that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the planet, I’ve just been in a major accident. As soon as I told her about my injury she offered to pick me up and work on that area for me. I usually get regular facials and I’ve never used Electro Myopulse as a treatment for pain, but she reassured that I would feel better and decided to swoop a cooped up old lady up from her house.  She worked on my hip diligently, ever so careful and experienced with how she handled me.  I never imagined that I would feel results the very next day. I was able to walk with no pain and do my daily errands. Which was fantastic for me for I am a very busy lady always with a set schedule.  Thank you, Jennifer. <3

- Josephine Heath

I suffer from overworking both my shoulders because my profession is in the iron rod business. My work is very trying on the body and as you age the joints and muscles start to deteriorate.  I suffer from extreme pain on both my shoulders and after one treatment I could feel my body repairing and regenerating. The pain dissipated and I feel like my old self again.  

- Georgio Umili

Stress from work has caused an imbalance in my system making me feel drained and worn out from daily routine. Every time I go in for my treatment I feel so relaxed, it calms down my nerves and helps rest my mind.. After the treatment my skin feels smooth like a baby’s butt with a beautiful healthy glow and a happier mental awareness.  The electro currents work within my system to rebalance my hormones making me feel like everything in my body is functioning correctly.


- Kathy Samankar

Ever since I got the electro myopulse facial my health and attitude has been at its peak. I live all the way in Marin County, but I make sure to make time to receive Jennifer’s miracle facials. My eyes are highly sensitive and I’ve been wearing glasses all my life because I’m allergic to contacts. I’ve been searching for a way to improve my vision. At first, I generally came to take all my impurities out and because I wanted to prevent signs of aging and retain my youthful glow. Researching more about this technology, I found out that it has a lot of healthy benefits. It basically recharges damage cells and replenishes your system. I just recently went to the optometrist and they told me my vision improved so much I had to get a new prescription.  The grade in my right was a -3.50 and it halved in improvement to a -1.75.  I had to get a new prescription for glasses! Because of this dramatic difference my optometrist is going to check me in 3 months to see if there is further improvement in my vision. If there is, I will be getting a new prescription glasses for free!  I am certain that the healing waves of the electro currents helped improve my vision. I’ve tried countless things.. and this is the only one I feel great and my skin looks so good along with my new vision.


- Kristin Rose

I’ve been going to Jennifer for facials over the years and my skin has never looked better than now. I am the type that’s always on the go, walking and running everywhere. After awhile, my ankle started to wear down on me. I feel like I overstrained/worked it a bit too much and when I mentioned this to Jennifer she suggested trying to use the electro myopulse to help heal my ankles. It miraculously worked and after awhile I was able to do my daily runs again. Also, for ten years I have been seeing an allergist trying to get my allergies in control. Ever since I’ve been getting electro myopulse I haven’t had to take medication anymore. My immune system grew stronger and I became tolerant of all of my allergies. 

~Anna Lee, Engineer

My wife pushed me to try a facial from the person she goes to. I was surprised at how relaxing and how rejuvenated I felt right after it. The electro myopulse technology helps my mind relax so much that I fell asleep. After 1-2 facials a friend of mine had asked me what I’m doing differently. I look different, seemed different and my face looks youthful. I told him about the facial and he’s interested in joining me. I really love the change it did to my health and face.

~Husband of Client

My daughter is a lead cheerleader for Burlingame high school. During their practice and right before a big tournament to note, she sprained her ankle. Instantly, I thought of Jennifer because I get facials from her and I understand the benefits of the myopulse technology. I brought my 16 yr old daughter to get her ankle worked on. Jennifer worked on her for only 15-30 minutes and by the next following days, she was able to stand on it and compete with her team.  My daughter’s response to the technology was so quick that she was able to recover fast.

~Kathy Beyer

When I first entered the spa I encountered an informative young lady sitting in the front sipping her tea. I told her what my concerns were and she told me we have this facial called forever young that could possibly help reduce the pain in my body.  I was skeptical at first, because it wasn’t my face that I was concerned about, I had injured my ankle crossing a street and haven’t been able to walk properly since.  She explained to me what electro myopulse therapy does and how it could help gave me. At that point she handed me a 14 page article on electro myopulse and injuries and highlighted an area so that I would be able to understand it. “The human body is made up of a vast number of cells. In many ways, the cells of the human body act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy. Each cell has a measurable electrical charge and therefore there is a constant energy flow maintained between cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs, there is a disruption in the production of electricity and a measurable decrease in the flow of energy through the tissues involved.”  It helped my ankle repair itself and the pain was reduced considerably. I now come here to treat my face with facials and to keep up with my health. My skin looks so healthy and I even get compliments from my close friends and family.  

-John Courtney, CPA

My first Electro Myopulse Treatment was 2 years ago. I originally heard about this treatment through my coworker who had suggested it to me. My primary reasons for coming here was that I was having a hard time healing my acne scars. Ever since, I reached my late twenties, the healing time became slower and slower. I also have hyper-pigmentation, which made things more complicated. Most treatments in the market are light/laser treatments, which would cause more harm than good. However, Electro Myopulse is not a light treatment, so it does not cause my skin to darken. Instead, the Electro Myopulse treatment speeds up my own cells to increase the recovery time of my skin internally. After the first session, my coworkers could tell the difference. They told me my skin was glowing. For myself, I thought it wasn't until the second session that I started noticing results. And after coming here I felt more rejuvenated and healed after each session.

- Janice Hsiao

A Healing Miracle

I am a long time customer of Jennifer and L’Escape Spa, and have always been very happy with the results of the treatments provided by her or her staff.

Recently, my enthusiasm for her ability was taken to an entirely new level. I had been hiking and had an accident which resulted in a nasty fall and a major laceration on my left arm. The wound was about 4 inches long and over 2 inches wide. All the skin was scraped from my arm exposing raw muscle. A wound of this size would normally take over a month to heal. Since it was open it was also very prone to infection. Jennifer worked on my arm for 15 minutes four times in one week using the Myopulse machine. The open wound was completely closed and healed by the end of that week. AND no infection!!!! The Myopulse machine emits electronic impulses which stimulate new skin cell growth. This painless treatment expedited the healing process. I was back hiking Half Dome 2 weeks after my accident and I have Jennifer and the miracle machine to thank for my rapid return to the trails.

- Katie Heibien, Retired Vice President at Charles Schwab

I am a late 20-something career woman who has gone through the experience of acne breakouts since the age of 13. I’ve been in and out of dermatologist offices as well as through various visits with estheticians trying to find a solution.

It has been very frustrating for me over the years that there are so many products on the market but nothing has been able to clear up my skin. That was until I started seeing Jennifer at L’Escape Spa. I came in for an eyebrow wax about a year and a half ago and I have been seeing her for monthly facials since then. Through the process my skin is now healthier and I have less breakouts. I still get a few from the commonalities of stress but nothing in comparison to what I had before. I can actually look in the mirror and feel good about myself as I prepare for my wedding later this year. I highly recommend Jennifer and L’Escape Spa to my friends and anyone else.

I am glad that I walked into the spa and met Jennifer, my skin thanks for me it today!

- Jen Lessner