Speciality Massages

* Free session with purchase of a series of 9 massages

* Add-on Aromatherapy or Paraffin treatment for $20


L'Escape to Sweden

Swedish Massage

Indulge in a soothing touch of relaxation to heal muscles, release stress and put your mind at ease with a full body massage

30 min. $55 | 45 min. $85 | 60 min. $105 | 90 min. $140

Day Dream L'Escape

Deep Tissue Massage

Stronger pressure to deeply penetrate muscles to alleviate aches and pains for your improved well-being.

45 min. $90 | 60 min. $110 | 90 min. $145 | 105 min. $165

L'Escape to Japan

Shiatsu Massage

Japanese healing method using finger pressure and the body's energy channels to stimulate and balance the body's energy flow and strengthen the vital organs.

60 min. $105 | 90 min. $145

Sole L'Escape


Pressure is strategically applied to various points of the feet to treat discomfort and ailments. Internal organs and overall body energy are stimulated, treating degenerative conditions and promoting general wellness.

30 min. $60 | 45 min. $80 | 60 min. $100

Rocky L'Escape

Hot Stone Massage

Relax your muscles with warm stones against your back to relieve tensions and pressure. Your body will begin to open, regaining flexibility and ease of movement, while the mind gently returns to calm alertness.

60 min. $135 | 90 min. $160

L'Escape a Head

Scalp Treatment

Head massage to circulate and revitalize your thoughts.

15 min. $35

Athlete's L'Escape

Sports Massage

Undo muscle tension with this pressure-filled massage to prevent injuries and drain away fatigue.

60 min. $110 | 90 min. $150

L'Escape to the Great Expectation

Pregnancy Massage

Alleviate back and neck pain while reducing swelling with this maternity massage that also enhances the well-being of mother and baby.

60 min. $105 | 90 min. $145